Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have any more questions stop by the telegram or discord and reach out!

How does the Non-Fungible Token work?

  • A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is a unique asset added to the blockchain, such that there can only one of its kind. It is usually paired with some physical or digital asset. Think of it as a certificate of authenticity. The NFT says "I own this thing, and it is authentic." You can then transfer, sell, or destroy the token at your discretion.
  • Tokens created with this printer have the ID, wallet address(thats you!), hash of the image submitted, and location of the image recorded with the token.
  • So long as this server is running, both the image created and NFT from the blockchain can be paired so the public can know, That Meme is Mine!

How much does it cost?

  • Cost to mint depends on the current ethereum gas fees and transaction costs to send the money to the mint.
  • The smart contract uses approximately 210,000 gas per NFT, and about 4,000,000 gas to deploy initially.

How do I see it on the blockchain?

  • Check etherscan!

Will it show up in my wallet?

  • In native wallet apps, you should see the NFT show up automatically after being minted. For browser extensions you will need to add a custom token.

Whats the catch?

  • There is none, thanks for helping the community grow!

What templates/formats are available?

  • Check the Guide to Printing for updated information about the upcoming Minting Event!